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Aircraft Module

Maintenance Planning and Continuing Airworthiness. Allows you to monitor all maintenance and resource related information about your aircraft, engines, components and more. Also includes planning and reliability tools

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Warehouse Module

Purchasing, Logistics and Storage Control of Aircraft Components. Follow the path of components from the initial order through the shipment until it is sent for replacement on the aircraft. Create trusted Vendors list

Smart Scan

File Repository Module

Document Database. Automatic sorted and ordered documents that can be used to easily transfer aircraft records packages. Keyword search and Bulk Download functions

Lean Design and Intuitive Interface

Modules designed by aviation professionals for aviation professionals. A limited time of a few minutes is what is enough for clients to feel at home. Everything falls into hand right where you expect it to be - ergonomically outstanding, smooth as silk.

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Secure. Reliable. Performance.

We take extra steps into ensuring our system is secure and that our clients’ data is as safe as they need it to be. Ongoing professional quality control ensures reliability while performance is scaled according to our clients’ needs so the application never misses a beat.

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Flexible pricing

Our subscription based model can conform to your exact needs. Start by paying for the required essentials and upgrade your access as your business grows and soars. Contact us for more information and quotes!

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Capabilites and Features

Platform AERO is a modern web app that brings your Aircraft (CAMO/Engineering), Warehouse (Purchasing/Logistics) and File Repository (Aircraft Documents/Records) management to the cloud. We are creating an all-encompassing aviation software solution which intends to take over all aspects of airline operations, leasing company control or MRO functions through expanding modular capabilities.

Aircraft Module

The Aircraft Module is useful for Airline Operators and Engineering Service providers alike to ensure on-time maintenance and effective fleet management. It covers all major aspects and maintenance monitors such as:

  • Airworthiness Directives (EASA/FAA) - full listing by type included with regular updates
  • Approved Maintenance Program Tasks based on manufacturer MPD
  • Time-controlled (HT/LLP) components with multiple maintenance procedures
  • Aircraft Utilization monitoring, automatic update and reports through input of Flight Logs
  • Fleet Reliability functionality
  • Work Order creation and management
  • PDF generated statuses with customisation
  • Excel imports for fast and easy upload of data from statuses or exports from other systems
  • Over 50 Aircraft Types already supported
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Warehouse Module

An efficient and seamlessly integrated solution for purchasing and logistics of components is needed in order for airline operators and MROs alike to have a smooth-running business. This is why we provide our Warehouse module. The module allows you to monitor and control the whole process of aviation components procurement:

  • List of approved vendors and suppliers to aid Purchase order creation
  • Purchase Orders – tailored to the customer’s preferences and exportable in PDF
  • Shipments – track shipments and transfer components upon arrival to warehouse locations
  • Warehouses – monitor your stock and component condition in multiple locations
  • Component level alerts
  • Dashboard with all up to date important information at a glance
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File Repository Module

This Module was specifically designed to meet and exceed the needs of Airline Operators for efficient control of the fleet records. It combines the ease of use and clear simple user interface with the desired speed and reliability that improves the workflow and contributes to stronger partner confidence in the tools:

  • The classic folder-file tree structure is retained with a fresh sleek design and more flexibility Aircraft records arranged along the traditional binder rules for easy transition of current procedures into the Platform AERO universe
  • Aircraft records arranged along the traditional binder rules for easy transition of current procedures into the Platform AERO universe
  • Quick and easy search of files and folders and Bulk download functions
  • Several tiers of users are available to allow for absolute control over the permission of each interested party and ensure the full security of sensitive documents
  • All of the data on the File Repository Module is stored on the best server solution currently available. This provides excellent transfer speeds and the industry leading file durability guarantee
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